10 LITTLE WAYS TO IMPROVE THE quality of your life

A few weeks ago on IGS, I shared my thoughts on plating food and making dinner ‘an experience’. It’s always been something important to me and something I like to do for my family – especially as the kids will get older and hopefully appreciate it more. I heard from SO many of you that said 1. you do the same, 2. your mom or grandma did the same and it left an impression on you or, 3. you wanted more tips like this – which I’m happy to share today!

I try to live life making the regular, mundane sh*t feel lux (aka where ‘lux unfiltered’ comes from). From creating a home that feels rejuvenating and is pretty to the eye, to little daily things I try to work in among the chaos. Here are some other ideas for improving your quality of life + creating experiences out of everyday life:

+ Plate meals and use pretty serveware. Yes, it’s worth the cleanup (and if you’re married, make your husband do it!).

+ Light a candle after dinner time. I like to have ‘easy candle moments’ around the house so that I can set a vibe within a matter of seconds. I leave matches loosely placed around the house and have a candle in literally every room.

+ Rosé while cooking, or any drink of choice. Obviously I don’t do this every day but on nights where I have more time to cook, I also pour myself something relaxing to sip on.

+ Music 24/7. I grew up listening to music 24/7 and loved it. Paul and I both love music and we agreed even before having kids to play it often. We play literally everything from ’90s rock to hip hop to reggae to bossanova.

+ Make your bed and spritz your bed. I’ve always been someone who makes their bed, even when I was in my early 20s and a hot mess. I like to ‘set’ the bed with a room spritz or linen spray, too. You can find details of our bedding here btw, because I know you’ll ask!

+ Light palo santo to start the day. Again, not something I do every day but like my candle moments, I have palo santo laying everywhere. Not only do I like the effortless look of it, but it’s a good way to reset the day.

+ Use bougie laundry soap. With kids, I don’t do this as often but if you don’t have kids, splurge on the soap! Same goes for hand soap actually, which I do.

+ Make your favorite coffee at home. I felt like an adult when I finally figured out my coffee situation at home and it’s much more relaxing (and responsible) to make something at home vs. rushing out the door to get something. When you can, take a cup outside even for only 5 minutes.

+ Have fresh fruit prepped at all times. We always have fresh fruit laying around and I find that cutting + prepping it first makes for a much better experience. A bowl of grapes on the counter, fresh watermelon cut up in the fridge, etc. Plus, it helps with fruit intake even on busy days.

+ Lux textures around the house. I want to feel comfortable in my house at all times, and textures are a huge component of this. From our sheets to our chairs to cozy blankets laying around, textures matter and an area where I spend more $$$.


Your turn to share. What little things do you do?