#SantaSivan 2021 - Sivan

#SantaSivan 2021

Today marks the fifth consecutive year of #SantaSivan giveaways and if you’re new, get excited!!! Essentially, a brand and I will team up to give away a ton of amazing sh*t over the next 8 days. You guys will die for some of these giveaways and I’m super excited about what I have lined up!

The notion behind these giveaways is to give back to you guys for your continued support and to share with you some of my favorite products. As an influencer, I’m lucky to receive so many goodies sent to me that it literally feels like Christmas every day opening up all the packages. To be honest, I sometimes feel guilty because no one person needs that much stuff. That is a huge part of why I do so many giveaways. Since this time of year revolves so heavily around giving (& presents) I wanted to take this opportunity to spoil my readers and followers the way I am by brands.

I hope you enjoy participating, maybe discover a new product or brand, and WIN! Follow along on IG to see all of the giveaways, including today’s DAY ONE details. Good luck! XO