10 THINGS TO DO To end the year

Don’t worry, I’m all for being lazy this week so I’m not about to suggest you do anything too intense but personally, I like to take advantage of this week. I find the EOY to be motivating and when I gather inspiration, manifest (in my own way), and plan for a successful year ahead. Here are 10 things I like to do in between Christmas and New Year’s Day…or at least by the first week of the year. If you’re interested in my monthly ‘get your sh*t together’ checklist, read this.


As you guys know, I feel strongly about setting goals and resolutions. I’ll be sharing my 2022 resolutions on the blog soon, but for now, you can see last year’s in this post (which I’m realizing will have some repeats into 2022). This is the natural time of year to focus on what you want to accomplish in the new year, and I can’t recommend them enough. You don’t need to have a ton of goals, and in fact, I do better with fewer.


I’m horrible about this so I’m thinking I’ll set calendar reminders for myself to do it 1x a month, starting this week. Clean out old photos / videos, text messages, files, and notes that you no longer need. Same for your inbox.


Our team is taking this week off and I think it’s important before jumping into the new year. If you can, give yourself at least a couple of days to log off of work (and goal setting) to decompress. This always feels like the collective ‘OOO’ week and I love that!


I find a lot of motivation through books but I don’t choose to read non-fiction too often because I become overwhelmed with information. I usually save motivating non-fiction books for when I need to change something or kick my ass into gear. About a month ago I read this book and it’s going to be a huge focus for me in 2022. If you’re feeling pulled in a million directions or unfocused, I highly recommend it. Let me know any books that are motivating you for 2022 in the comments!


Whether it’s who you follow on IG, who you spend your time with, what shows you watch, or negative self-talk, make a list of times you feel negative. Obviously there’s some negativity that’s going to be part of life but I also think we let negativity into our lives on a daily basis if we’re not careful. By taking account of these negative factors, you can figure out how the f*ck to get rid of them to start your year.


Paul mentioned this in his money mgmt article and if you haven’t done it yet, do it now. Go into 2022 feeling good about where you’re at financially, at least in terms of organization. I find that many of the subscriptions that I signed up for over the year are no longer beneficial to me…so BYE!


You know the 234809 random things you want to get done? Write them all out. Don’t think of this list as something you need to tackle tomorrow, just get it out of your brain. Once you have the list, you can assign yourself time to take care of things throughout the year. I’m a big fan of lists and find they give me SO much mental peace of mind.


For me, this comes via Pinterest. I’m a very visual person and I like to not only write out my goals but to manifest my future through a vision board on Pinterest. Places I want to travel to, images that align how I want to feel, recipes I want to cook, etc. I put them all on a hidden board on Pinterest and label them by year. They inspiring and fun to look back on year after year – especially seeing what actually manifested.


Don’t let January be all about resolutions and no fun. It’s all about BALANCE. And since the holidays tend to be family-focused, I’m looking forward to planning something with my girlfriends in January.


I know this time of year can be motivating and then come February, things can feel like they’re falling apart. Life gets in the way of resolutions and with the ongoing Covid situation, I’m sure this winter will feel a bit depressing (again). Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be a new calendar year, a new month, or a new week to make a change. And just because you had a shitty morning doesn’t mean your whole day is f*cked. This feels very self-help of me but I believe it!

What do you do to end your year?