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HOW I STAY Looking Young

Maybe some of you caught the conversation on my Stories last weekend about how being in your 30’s is not “old” or an age where anyone should be saying you look “good for your age!!!” I mean, age is subjective, so who really can say when old is, but I will be advocating for us 30-somethings. As I get older I have begun to realize that it’s all perspective and how you carry yourself. If you view yourself as old, you start to act old mentally. I feel there’s a lot more power there than just the physical. For example, Paul and I are only 8 months apart but he thinks he’s old, he dislikes getting older, and in turn most people think he’s older. Salt and pepper hair aside, he just carries himself like an older person. I, on the other hand, feel very young, I act young, and I also do things to help preserve my youthful looks. But the point is, when people don’t know my age, they assume I’m in my 20’s. Not gonna lie, I like it. It’s flattering.

So, on the topic of aging, here are some things I do, treatment-wise, that help me keep a youthful complexion.


I started preventative Botox at 29 which I’ve written about here. I did verrrrrry minimal units (like under 10), and it was just to keep the fine lines on my forehead from seeping in and becoming permanent. Basically, you have to realize that Botox can only do SO much. If the lines are already set and deep, it likely won’t do much for you. I’m obviously not a professional, but that’s what I’ve seen over the years when people start too late. However, there are other things that can help (just ask a professional, as every situation is different).

Right now, at age 34, I get Botox about 3 times a year. I’m up to 25 units and I focus mostly on my forehead, 11’s, and crows feet around my eyes. The goal is just to soften my complexion and smooth out the skin. I always ask to NOT lift my eyebrows or change my face in any way. Simply prevent the fine lines from deepening.


I’ve had filler off and on in my upper lip since I lack volume there. Next to my naturally full bottom lip it just looks very imbalanced and I don’t like it, especially when I’m on camera all day and notice it. A little filler helps give me a fuller smile and balances out my lips more.

The most I’ve done is 0.3cc of Restylane Refyne. I did have Juvederm back when I was 26 and it’s still in my top lip. I will need to get that dissolved one day but I’m not looking forward to it, so I’ve been putting it off.


Obviously I’m neurotic about skincare. I take my sweet time doing my morning and evening routines to ensure my face is getting the full treatment twice a day. I also always make sure to be hydrating my skin, rather than using acids, peels, or harsh soaps on my skin. Something to note, I don’t skimp on skincare. The shit I use is PRI-CEY, but I’m not messing around with the face. To give you a general breakdown, here’s my morning & evening routines. BTW, it needs a little update but I also link all my favorite sh*t from skincare to makeup to things beyond beauty in my Little Pink Book.


+ Rinse face with water

+ Vit C serum – Summer Fridays or Ole Henriksen

+ Moisturizer – Eve Lom or Ole Henriksen

+ Eye Cream – Summer Fridays or Ole Henriksen

+ Bronzing Drops w/ Hyaluronic Acid – Lux Unfiltered


+ Wash face with a cleansing balm – Elemis makes my favorite one

+ Rich moisturizer – La Mer, Augustinus Bader, or Eve Lom

+ Eye Cream – Kiehl’s

Sunless Tanning

BIG BIG deal. Not allowing the sun to touch your face is the best gift you can give your skin. I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of SPF on my face so I just shade my face and use products to give me a natural-looking tan and glow. This is exactly why I developed the Lux Unfiltered Nº12 Bronzing Face Drops. 3-4 drops 3-4 times per week is the recipe for healthy color and glow year-round.

For the body, there’s obviously Nº32 Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream for the exact same reasons as above.


A very non-negotiable subject for me is sleep. It’s 8-9 hours a night or I’m an absolute ZOMBIE. That is partly why having kids scared the shit out of me and why I opted to have a night nurse. I make sure to get good sleep most nights so I function at full capacity but also allow my body to recharge and rest for aging purposes. Oh, and use a silk pillowcase to preserve that gorgeous face!


Lastly, I chugggggg lots and lots of water. I basically only drink water all day, and then of course I have my morning 1 coffee and sometimes some wine or cocktails in the evening. But always lots of water. Hydration is SO important for aging, skin, your health, everything.