Someone recently asked me what wedding trends / vibes I’d be into if I were getting married this year and I thought it was a fun topic. Paul and I tied the knot 7 years ago and honestly, there’s not much I would change. As for what I’d be into if I were engaged right now, keep reading. BTW, I share things like bridal advice, my wedding makeup, and more in my Wedding Season Lookbook.


We’ve all had friends who had to call off their dream weddings during the Covid era, and I also know some people who ended up postponing weddings…but honestly, Covid made me realize how much I love the idea of eloping. Obviously, I know I’m lucky that I had a wedding pre-Covid and could do my thing, but with the unstable state of the world, I think eloping seems fun. After all, getting married really comes down to you and your partner, so I think eloping could be spontaneous, romantic, and EASY.


I wouldn’t change my bridal party (I just had Lily and my sisters on my side) though I do like the simplicity of no bridal party. Especially if there’s any drama or pressure with picking a certain amount of people.


I did my own wedding makeup + hair because I wanted to look like myself. I’m happy to see that the beauty trends surrounding makeup seem to be really natural these days. I can’t imagine not feeling like yourself on your wedding day so I’m definitely a fan of the new natural vibes.


I saw a beautiful evening ceremony on Pinterest a few weeks ago and liked the idea. I’m not sure how pictures and lighting and all that would work but I found the nighttime candlelit ceremony to be elegant and unique – especially if your wedding is intimate to begin with.


I wrote more about this in my Wedding Lookbook but I feel like so much that was popular for weddings in the last decade is now cheugy. Engagement photos, monogrammed stuff for the bride and party, wedding favors, insane cakes, and over-the-top Pinterest stuff seem to be fading out. No judgment if that’s your thing (I did some of it!), but if I were getting married this year, I’d skip that and keep things classic and again…simple.


Maybe it’s because I’m older now but I like the idea of a very chill bachelorette weekend. A bougie hotel, spa days, and not being wasted every second seems like the perfect celebration with friends.


I’ve seen a lot of people do weddings in places like Jackson Hole or Montana which I think is beautiful. I feel like it’s the new destination for weddings??

If you’re already married, what trends are you into currently?