BRAS I WEAR With Different Tops

I’m always surprised by the amount of interest around the type of bras I wear with certain tops. It has definitely taken a lot of trial and error to find ones that are comfortable AND work with my different tops. My biggest pet peeve with bras is thick straps so I’m always on the hunt for non-underwire bras that have thin straps. I don’t like padding, either, but it needs to lift my sagging boobies slightly. So I guess you can say I’ve become somewhat of an expert on this topic.

I am a 34B so these types of bras work best for me. Here are my go-to bras for all the different types of tops I wear:

Racerback Tanks or Bodysuits

This bra is my favorite since you don’t see the straps, they are thin, and actually hold up my boobs with the super dainty underwire. I own it in nude and black. This one looks very similar.


Not a fan of strapless bras, as it usually pushes down on my boobs and gives me a uniboob. So I typically just wear a bandeau style bra like this.

T-Shirts or Tops that need a regular bra

I love these Skims bras for this because they are soft, comfy, inexpensive, and come in a million colors. They have minimal seams so it doesn’t show through your shirt and there is no adjustments in the back. I also love this bra for a bit more of a lift.

Under Sweatshirts

During colder months I like to throw on a sports bra under my sweatshirts. Calvin Klein is my go-to for this since they are thin, stretchy, and comfy. I also wear this UO Ribbed Top Bra with lounge often.

No-Bra Tops

When no bra can work, which is often, I use nippies and call it a day. I get that this isn’t for everyone, but I’m actually MOST comfortable braless so I often opt for things that allow me to go sans bra with just some nipple covers.

Nursing Bras

This Skims nursing bra is the one and only nursing bra I’ve ever felt semi-okay with since the straps aren’t thick AF. I love the seamless concept for a nursing bra, and it worked really well with my pump since it’s so stretchy.

Working Out

Tan + Lines Sport obviously or whatever Amazon set I’m wearing.


TBH I don’t wear a ton but I usually reach for this bra or something similar for date nights, etc if the outfit works with it.


Pre-breastfeeding (aka before my boobs became super saggy) I would live in these thin-strapped nothing bras from Urban. I still wear them because they are super comfy and affordable, but beware they do not offer any type of support.