How To Entertain a Toddler

When I posted a Question Box on IG a few weeks ago, you guys blew me up with requests to share people’s ideas…which I don’t blame you for! Walker has been in an especially hard stage lately. Now that he’s fully mobile, he’s gotten WILD. Climbing on everything, emptying all the drawers, and being a f*cking lunatic most of the time. I don’t know if this is the boy thing coming into play since we didn’t deal with this level of crazy with Capri or if he’s just busy, but it’s a lot. Unless we’re playing with him 1:1 or watching him like a hawk, he’s making a huge mess or hurting himself. I know this is part of childhood and I’m not worried about him or anything like that – but I’d like him to have more independent activities so mommy can empty the dishwasher without him attacking it! Ugh.

Luckily, you guys came through with a TON of good ideas! I especially love the ideas that don’t involve buying more toys and the ones that seem more independent, so I’ll be trying those first. BTW, I have most of my kid’s play stuff on my Storefront, so add to your cart if you’re about to lose your sh*t LOL.


+ Water table: There are cheaper ones on Amazon but aesthetic-wise, I liked this one that’s part sand, part water.

+ Jungle gym: We got this one for the seating area in Walker’s bedroom and use this mat under for safety. He’s obsessed!

+ Bath activities: Bath bombs, bubbles, a popsicle bath, shaving cream.

+ Sensory bins or tactile board

+ Painting: Lots of good ideas here like painting cardboard boxes or their outdoor toys (and then cleaning the toys after with soap and water), finger painting, foam paint, and these paint pens for younger kids. Painting is a go-to for us and these art smocks help the clean-up but I love the idea of painting things, not just paper.

+ Water activities outside: I feel like most of these ideas aren’t drought-tolerant so they’re hard in San Diego but sharing anyway. You guys suggested this splash pad, sprinklers, hose, slide into a mini pool, and this specific sink toy (which doesn’t use much water).

+ Playpen inside so you can contain them.

+ Cheap toys: Fidget toys and bracelets, sticky fingers, stickers, reusable water coloring pads, etc.

+ Go for a drive

+ Screens: We give Capri her tablet but Walker isn’t that into it yet. Other people suggested Ms. Rachel on YouTube, and the regulars like Cocomelon.

+ Sandpit with their little toys like dinosaurs.

+ Freeze toys in water and then watch them melt outside.

+ Hot Wheels track: A friend recommend this one.

+ Dance party

+ Make dry noodle necklaces

+ Outdoor ideas: Bubble machine, chalk, fly a kite, collect bugs or flowers.

+ Fun food ideas: different snacks in an ice container or muffin pan, whip cream in their high chair, ice cubes on a cookie tray, a picnic outside (or inside on a blanket). We just got this outdoor table which I’m hoping will be fun for the kids…for at least 5 min.

+ Household things for them to play with: tissue box, bubble wrap, Amazon boxes, tupperware.

+ Magna Tiles on the garage floor.

+ @busytodder: Lots of people said she has good ideas.

+ Montessori busy books like these.

+ Cosmic kids yoga

+ Physical activities: Balance bike, scooter, soft climbing blocks, races, or obstacle courses.

+ Ball pit

Any other ideas to add? Leave it in the comments!