THIS IS YOUR SIGN To Have A Chick Flick Marathon

Now that my bedroom is out of commission, aka no TV in our bedroom, we are forced to watch TV in our living room. Not sure why this small change inspired me to watch chick flicks, but there’s something about getting cozy on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and candy and watching a light-hearted romantic comedy that just feels right. When we watch TV in bed I tend to zone out on my phone or read a book and then fall asleep, but being on the couch has me rewatching movies I actually want to pay attention to. ALSO, hate to say it, but the humor in these movies is unlike anything we will ever watch today. I think that’s why I gravitate towards movies from this time period and movies today just don’t do it for me. It makes me wonder how these movies are perceived by kids today though. Do they find them incredibly cheesy?

I also like this entire genre of movies that I call “Nancy Meyers” (incredibly famous director of movies like The Holiday, It’s Complicated, The Parent Trap & so many more), which is like MY goal for life all around. Her choice of locations, houses, wardrobe, style, and everything is just what I aspire to be like as an “older” woman.

In no particular order, here are my lists of favorite chick flicks:

Chick Flicks – super girly

+ Jawbreaker

+ Death Becomes Her

+ Drop Dead Gorgeous

+ Troop Beverly Hills

+ Sugar & Spice

+ 13 Going on 30

+ Clueless

+ Crossroads

+ Mean Girls

+ Monster In Law

+ The In Crowd

+ White Chicks

+ House Bunny

+ The Hot Chick

+ Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

+ Legally Blonde

+ New York Minute

+ Lizzie McGuire Movie

+ Cinderella Story

+ Bring It On

+ Princess Diaries

+ Coyote Ugly

+ She’s All That

+ Blue Crush

+ Cruel Intentions

+ Freaky Friday (Lindsay Lohan version)

+ Wish Upon A Star

+ Head Over Heels

+ Simply Irresistible

+ What Women Want

+ The Devil Wears Prada

+ My Big Fat Greek Wedding

+ 27 Dresses

+ Made of Honor

+ Deuce Bigalow

+ Because I Said So


Romantic Comedies – cute to watch with a date

+ Overboard (the Goldie Hawn version obviously)

+ Never Been Kissed

+ The Wedding Planner

+ How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

+ 10 Things I Hate About You

+ The Sweetest Thing

+ Crazy Beautiful

+ Sweet Home Alabama

+ Notting Hill

+ The Proposal

+ Rumor Has It

+ Along Came Polly

+ While You Were Sleeping

+ Shallow Hal

+ The Wedding Date

+ This is 40

+ Just Friends


Aspirational Chick Flicks – my life goals

+ Father of the Bride

+ It’s Complicated

+ Something’s Gotta Give

+ Parent Trap (the whole Napa house)

+ The First Wive’s Club

+ The Holiday

+ My Best Friend’s Wedding