#SIVANDIEGO Our Living Room

I’ve lagged on getting you home content but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking my time decorating our house. We’re also not fully done with the renovation (our primary room is currently under construction) so things have moved slowly – which I’m OK with at this stage in my life.

Now that more areas feel complete, I’m documenting things room by room. I’ve already shared our general house details, everything surrounding the kitchen, pantry and powder room off our living room. Let me know what I should cover next!


Our ‘living room’ is attached to our kitchen / dining room and the area we spend most of our time as a family. While the room itself is quaint, the space feels large since it opens up to several other areas of the home – including our back porch. I wanted the room to feel cozy, comfortable, and not too precious since the kids basically live on this couch.

Speaking of the couch, it’s the RH Cloud Couch and we love the comfort level. I will say, it’s kind of sloppy / lived in looking which I have beef with. I’ve had white couches for years, pre – and post – kids, and still follow this cleaning guide. I know I could have gotten something more practical, but here we are. Most of our pillows / throws (throughout our house) are Amber Interiors and so are our poufs (Topanga poufs but in a custom color).

I took forever to pick out a rug because I wanted some type of color / vibe and I love this Lulu & Georgia Grid Rug we ended up with. The olive is perfection.

I get a lot of random questions on the fireplace balls and honestly, I can’t even remember the name of the store I got them at – but I see them everywhere online. Ours turned black immediately so I’m not sure the light color makes sense.


The Samsung Frame TV deserves its own paragraph because of how many DMs I receive about it. We love this and it’s one piece of technology that Paul and I agreed upon. He likes all the tech aspects, I like how beautiful it looks (especially when the TV is off and art is displayed). We have these throughout our house and won’t ever go back. Ours is the teak frame and I get most of my art off the app. You can also buy art for it on Etsy.


As for the shelves, things are always rotating based on my shopping habits, holidays, etc. but I’m listing out the pieces that you ask about most often. A lot of the pieces are old, vintage, or something I don’t have a link for – sorry!

+ Books, mainly Amazon

+ Wood stool and bowl, Amber Interiors

+ Polaroid picture holders, vintage

+ Vases and bowl candle holder, Olive Atelier

+ Candle, Lux Unfiltered

+ Incense holder, Amber Interiors

+ Marble candle, Not Your Standard

+ Travertine bowl & stand, my collab with Style Me

+ Travertine candle holders and candles, Amazon