MY BOOB JOB Recovery

I don’t know why I’m such a child and cannot call it a breast augmentation like normal people. Boob job just feels more direct and less pretentious somehow? Also, way less of a mouthful. ANYWAY, I’m here to break the whole thing down for you since I’m officially 6 weeks post-surgery now and can fully talk about the process and recovery.

Me and boob jobs go way back – when I was in high school I was very convinced I was getting one in my 20’s. Mostly because at that point I was trying to look sexy to guys and I’m SO thankful I was too broke to ever get it done that young. I feel like 1) I wasn’t even fully developed yet, 2) I would have gotten it for the wrong reasons, & 3) I definitely had no clue what my style would be as a real adult so just glad it was never an option for me.

Today as a fully developed adult who has had 2 kids and knows how I like to dress, I felt very confident in my decision to get a boob job. To be honest, I came to terms with my small boobs years ago and actually loved them. For the way, I dress (low cut tops, no bra, etc.) it just works. But after 2 kids and lots of pumping, the boobs were no longer small and cute. It was more flat and sad lol. While I felt certain I wanted an enhancement, I was more nervous about the actual surgery, the anesthesia, and the recovery. My C-section was my first surgery and that recovery was rough for me, so I was weary about undergoing a surgery voluntarily (especially since Walker is still young). Outside of that though, I wasn’t too concerned about anything else involved with a boob job.

Once I was ready to pull the trigger I started looking for doctors. Initially, I thought I would meet with multiple and narrow it down to my favorite, but decided against that method. My approach was to find one recommended doctor whose work I liked and start there. If I didn’t like how the consult went then I could always just find someone else. I wasn’t in a big rush so I was cool taking my time with this. Thankfully I have you guys as an endless resource for me because I was recommended a plethora of Los Angeles doctors. After looking through their sites and yes, Instagrams, I went with Dr. Robert Cohen, who also did Arielle Lorre’s boobs (which we talked about on her podcast). I went into the consult feeling 50/50 on the whole procedure; basically, I could be easily swayed in either direction at that point. I left the consult with my surgery booked!

Dr. Robert Cohen put my concerns to rest by explaining how everything works. Crazy how once you learn facts things that seemed so scary are no longer a factor. The more you know!

During my consult, we tried on different CC sizes (this is how they measure boob jobs, they don’t go by cup sizes). We discovered I have a very petite frame so large boobs were just not flattering / not at all what I was wanting. I tried on 200 cc first and knew immediately it was a no. From there I tried 150 cc and felt much more comfortable with that size. We discussed doing a medium profile so they wouldn’t be super pointy (also not what I wanted), and potentially going up to 170 cc, as once the implant is placed under the muscle it will look smaller than when I had the inserts in. This part made me nervous since I didn’t have a TRUE EXACT example of what the size would look like. This is where a 3D rendering or something would be nice, but I also appreciate not giving me more reasons to overthink stuff.

The day before surgery during my pre-op appointment we finalized sizing, I showed the doctor my boob references I liked, and we settled on no more than 175 cc. He initially asked for more flexibility to go higher if when in surgery he felt it was more proportionate but I politely declined that because I was too nervous for them to get too big. The way I described my ideal boobs to him was: I don’t want to see any boobs in loose clothing, but when I wear something tight I’d like a little boob action. Can confidently say he understood the assignment.

We ended up with 175 cc, medium profile, silicone implants inserted under the boob.

The day of surgery was honestly a piece of cake. It happens super fast and they give you all the meds you need (pain, anti-nausea, antibiotic to prevent infection, arnica to help with bruising, etc.) to stay comfortable. Day 1 I took a Valium to relax my chest (they give this to you mostly so you don’t clench your chest accidentally) and some Tylenol. By Day 2 I dropped the Valium and just continued Tylenol. By day 3 I took nothing. The pain was super tolerable for me. In fact, I wouldn’t really even describe it as pain, it was more sensitive / sore feeling.

Since I stayed in a hotel in LA I was able to relax and rest all of Day 1 and then Day 2 I went home. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t resting when I was home since that’s impossible with kids, but I took it easy. Not being able to pick up Walker was by far the hardest thing for me. Aside from that, each day I felt stronger and stronger and the pain was slowly subsiding each day / week. Swelling was also going down each day, which was a massive relief because initially they looked kind of huge. I also felt very engorged, which brought me back to my breastfeeding days. I wore a compression band at the top of my boobs for almost 2 weeks. I wore my surgical bra round the clock for 4 weeks and then something supportive and soft (no underwire) like Skims if I wore something my surgical bra wouldn’t work with. I still sleep with my surgical bra since it’s very comfortable.

Each week I would see major improvements with the boobs. Less swelling, less sensitivity, more feeling. My scarring is super minimal and overall I don’t feel like my boobs ever looked fake. Not sure if this has something to do with the small size, but not once did I feel they looked like implants. I’m also very happy with the shape and size already, even though they still technically haven’t “dropped.” Not really sure what to expect with that, but I’m seeing my doctor in a few weeks so will keep you all posted.

I’ve started playing around with clothing now that the initial swelling has gone down and I can confidently say I am very happy with my decision. I feel the size is perfect (despite being nervous that 175 cc was more than I wanted) and most people don’t even notice I’ve done anything. They really only come out to play when I wear something tight, which is exactly what I wanted. Also haven’t worn a bikini yet so I’m excited to see how they look once it’s warmer out. Sidenote: I specifically wanted to have the surgery during the winter so I would be healed by summer.

Think that about covers it! If you have any additional questions for me feel free to DM. I also have this highlight that walks you through the process as I was going through it. Always happy to share my experiences with you guys.