MY TRAVEL Non-Negotiables

As I mentioned in my packing tips article, I like to pack as lightly as possible, at least when I’m not with the kids. I use 99% of the same stuff every time I travel, so while this list seems long, I keep most of it in my travel bags so I don’t really have to re-pack it.

Here are the non-negotiables:


+ Pill holder – I like this compact one (keep it in my purse if I’m not traveling).

+ Thyroid medicine, allergy pills, Advil, etc.

+ AG1 – the travel packs are easy to get your daily greens in.

+ Bonine – I get nauseous extremely easily so I pop in one of these before flights, Uber rides, boats, whatever. Life-saver!

+ Electrolytes – I recently learned about these and won’t be traveling without. They saved me when traveling home from Miami hungover and in general, I like the idea of trying to stay overly hydrated when traveling.


+ Makeup – I keep things very simple when traveling. This is the natural look I’ve been going with lately.

+ Brush holder – love how this keeps things clean and makes my brushes easy to find.

+ Makeup remover (micellar water for my eyes & cleansing balm for the face).

+ Lux Unfiltered Travel Kit, Face Drops, Lip Serum and Hand Cream.

+ Under-eye patches – if I’m shooting or drinking, these are a must. I’m not loyal to one brand but have some favorites saved here.

+ Hair stuff – dry shampoo, texture spray, shampoo & conditioner. If I don’t have travel-sized of what I like, I use these containers.

+ Body stuff – razor, deodorant (I use this), tampons, body wash…the usual.

+ Wrinkle release spray – I usually DGAF about wrinkles but if something is reallyyyy bad or we’re shooting, I love this stuff.

+ Sleep mask

+ Travel makeup mirror – hotels tend to have inconsistent bathroom lighting so I prefer to be prepared.


+ Kindle – I’ve been getting into Audible books but I prefer to actually read on planes.

+ Headphones


+ For carry-on, I’m a Béis girl. I use their Weekender as my personal carry-on item and have never had issues fitting it under a seat.

+ For my toiletries, I like bags from Stoney Clover and Cuyana, along with the Lux travel bag.