My blog post on How to Entertain A Toddler is one of my most popular to date, which honestly makes me laugh. I love that so many of you are also trying to figure out how the f*ck to keep toddlers occupied because it’s a full-time job. I realized I covered the fun things but I didn’t go into the educational games & toys we use. And since you guys blow me up whenever I share one of these on IG, it deserved its own blog post.

Capri and Walker are both little geniuses. Obviously, I’m their mom & would probably say that no matter what, but we’re constantly being told that they’re advanced. TBH, I’m not sure why, but I will say that Paul and I are passionate about setting them up for success. Maybe that’s it?

We’ve read to the kids since they were babies, which is, from what I’ve read, one of the most important things you can do to support kids’ minds, vocabulary, etc. We’ve also always talked to them like they were adults and they’ve both been around lots of different people their whole life. They’re also spoiled with a nanny who makes learning fun and supports their curiosity for subjects they’re into. Add in visits from grandparents, family and friends often, and they’re constantly exposed to new things and have all the 1:1 attention they could ever need.

We’re also big on providing the kids with educational games & toys that they can play independently. Don’t get me wrong, my kids can be as wild and clingy as any, but I do think that consistently offering these types of activities has been helpful. I’ll cover the ones they like the best below.

You can also stalk more kid activities, books they like & playroom details here. I also have more of our kid essentials (kitchen stuff, our wagon, etc) here.


+ Counting Cans – We’ll “cook” in their kitchen and make recipes using a specific amount of ingredients – aka count out different things in the cans – which they like. These definitely make counting more fun.

+ Alphabet Learning Toy – This is one of those games that’s perfect to bring out to dinner or to keep kids entertained out of the house. Both of my kids use this and it’s more interesting than tracing letters out of a workbook.

+ Magnet Color & Counting Maze – Capri can literally play with this for hours and Walker is getting the hang of it.

+ Globe – Honestly, this globe has taught me a lot. I’d say it’s best for older toddlers to actually grasp what they’re learning. Capri knows about more places than I do and it’s interactive.

+ Self-Reading Book – These are Capri’s current obsessions. On the weekends, we tell the kids they have to stay in their room until we come to get them, and I usually find her with one of these. Another great toy to throw in your bag when leaving the house & need to occupy the kids.

+ Alphabet Sound Puzzle – As you can tell, we invested in games that would help with letters / reading. This one lets them remove the letters and it also sings / talks to them so they learn while they play.

+ Spelling Game – This is another option for older toddlers who are starting the early stages of reading.

+ Learning Clock – Helps them learn to tell time and it can do a bunch of other things to help with sleep & staying in their rooms until a certain time.

+ Tablet – Capri and Walker both get a small amount of screen time each day and they usually choose to play with their tablet. We’ve downloaded it with educational games, books, and even shows that they learn from.

What else do I need to add to the list?