CARRY-ON TIPS Winter Edition

I’ve had a sick obsession with finding ways to travel with a carry-on over the last few years. Lily has always done it and now it’s almost like a game to me to figure it out. Packing for Aspen was my first winter trip trying to do this, and I’m proud to report that I made it happen! I have most of these tips in this blog post but I wanted to write a specific winter edition since I had to switch things up a bit.

P.S. Here’s exactly what I packed for Aspen & a reel covering my packing situation.

Here are my packing tips:

+ Plan out every single outfit so you don’t overpack. I take photos of everything before I pack so I don’t have to overthink it once I’m at my destination.

+ Keep the “base” of the outfits simple & lean on outerwear, shoes, bags & accessories to dress it up. I relied on heavy coats, hats, and gloves to keep me warm, and went with layerable items underneath. Think fleece leggings, this jumpsuit, etc.

+ Wear your biggest coat & bulkiest shoe on the plane.

+ Do a roller bag for your carry-on & a large duffle as your “personal item” to give you more space. I love this carry-on roller. I’ve always used my Béis Weekender as my personal item without issues, but I’m hearing from some of you that you’ve had to check it. Béis also makes the Mini Weekender which is smaller in case your’e worried about it.

+ Invest in mini everything for your toiletries so you don’t have to pack large bottles or check a bag. I have most of the stuff I pack & travel essentials on this list.

+ Packing cubes work magic; trust me. I use these.

+ Use vacuum storeage bags for bulkier items. Paul and I both used these for the jackets we didn’t wear on the plane. These are also great for typical snow gear like snow pants, etc.

+ Share. If you’re going with a friend, see if you can share some accessories, jackets, or whatever, so you have more options and less to pack.