Primary Bathroom Details

As you guys know, we spent the majority of last year remodeling our primary suite, which included a pretty substantial addition. We definitely saw the vision when we initially toured this house, but never in my dreams would I have imagined such a beautiful outcome. Essentially, we knew the layout worked, but hadn’t officially decided on a direction aesthetically until we were deep into renovations.

I had initially thought I would do a more minimalist approach; something very relaxing and simple. As I started making material selections, I ran into an issue with TOO many neutrals. It started to give cold asylum, and I immediately shifted direction. I had seen this beautiful travertine bathtub on Pinterest, which made me want to take on a more Wabi Sabi aesthetic, but later found out that a 6000-pound tub would pose many issues. And honestly, travertine was starting to feel a tad trendy and in the moment so I felt like I was making a mistake.

The third time around I went a bit more classic. I came across a stunning Jake Arnold bathroom with deep wood cabinetry, viola marble countertops, and Parisian brass details. While I didn’t exactly take on the Parisian touches, I did opt for unpolished brass throughout the bathroom. Instead of viola I went with Taj Mahal for our countertops, and a medium toned wood for our cabinets. In my eyes I went for a simpler version of what he did to keep it classic with updated details.

While many parts of the bathroom are custom, I wanted to list out anything I could since I get so many questions on IG about our bathroom.

Bathtub – I found these beautiful clay tubs from Belgium by a brand called Studio Loho. They have different shades and finishes, but you can’t go wrong with how organic and stunning they all are. We went with the Ivory. Definitely worth the [very] long wait.

Shower Tile – This was one of the hardest decisions because all photos of this tile look different. It turned out beautifully and a lot lighter than most images of it online. It’s called Pendell by Eco Outdoor.

Floor Tile – I wanted large tiles for the bathroom so they would take up more square footage and feel less busy. We went with limestone tiles from Exquisite Tile called Charente Clair Aged.

Plumbing Hardware – I’ve gone with Newport Brass throughout the entire house and love their products. For our bathroom, we used the Taft collection in French Gold.

Mirror – Our mirror is custom so I really can’t point you in any direction unfortunately. Just wanted something large and irregular shaped.

Countertops – We used Taj Mahal, which is a pretty affordable stone compared to some of the others we’ve used in the house. Apparently it was used a lot at some point and now people are more into marbles so it has become a “has been” in the natural stone world. I personally love it and it’s very resilient and easy to clean.

Cabinets – Custom walnut cabinetry in a medium-toned wood. I was tempted to go darker but wasn’t entirely sure I’d love that long-term. Every now and then as I’m admiring the bathroom I feel like maybe I should have just done it, but I also feel like going darker later is a possibility, whereas going lighter would be a much bigger undertaking. So, maybe one day we will stain a little darker. But not anytime soon!

Cabinet Hardware – Always a popular question. I used Ashley Norton for the bathroom, which is the same company I used for the kitchen. Their hardware is stunning and heavy-duty.

Paint – We did a lime wash (sealed) for the bathroom in the color Gem by Portola. It’s a nice bright color with texture so it doesn’t feel super stark. I actually fell in love with this color in Jenni Kayne’s house, which was apparently a custom color, and then Portola decided to make it part of their collection since so many people were interested in using it.

Sconces – I hung our sconces technically upside down, and they are by Amber Interiors. Ours are the antique brass finish with ribbed glass.

Chandelier – This was a custom piece from a local design studio here in Solana Beach. They design and make these in-house and are such a stunning way to add visual interest to a space. Intimate Living Interiors also has a storefront, which you must visit if you’re ever in town.

Outlets – I saw these outlets in one of Jake Arnold’s bathrooms and absolutely had to have it. Outlets are my least favorite part of any space, so anything to minimize their appearance was a must for me. I love them.

Window Treatments – Since we have the giant arched window in front of the bathtub I needed something for privacy, but also to add coziness. Intimate Living Interiors installed the beautiful drapes and shades in the bathroom.

Towels & Bathmat– For our bathroom, I wanted un-dyed, plush, oversized bath sheets in organic cotton. I found these beautiful towels and wash cloths from a brand called Coyuchi and their quality is unmatched. So luxurious and elevated for such a simple product. They are definitely pricey, so make sure to read the care instructions on these ones to preserve the plushiness. The bathmat in front of the tub is also from Coyuchi, and it’s like a cloud!

Olive runner – This is just a rug from a Rugs USA x Aarvin Olano collab, and I will say for the price I’m very impressed with the quality.

Pots & Stool – All vintage finds from Olive Ateliers, of course. My shady lady olive tree and pot by the bathtub is also from Olive, as well as the pots on the countertop.

Hand Towels – I found these organic linen hand towels, and they come in the most beautiful colors. I have them in other bathrooms, and they have lasted for years.

Bath Pillow – I was determined to find the world’s most luxurious bath pillow, and I definitely did. This one has special fibers that help it dry so it doesn’t get moldy and they come in a few different sizes. I got the biggest one since I don’t fit in the tub length-wise, and it helps keep me laying comfortably.