Greek Lemon Chicken Soup - Sivan


I know, it’s summer. Why the hell am I posting about soup??? Well, this soup happens to be delicious and I’ve been craving it (blame the pregnancy I guess?) so figured I should probably post the recipe before I forget. Also, summer colds happen and I feel like this soup is more “refreshing” in a way because of the lemon, so if you’re under the weather and need some fresh soup, this might be the way to go. I first tried this soup in Tahoe at a Greek restaurant and instantly needed to find a way to replicate it. I’m a big lemon lover and this soup is super simple so you really get a ton of lemon flavor, but it also complements the other lighter flavors in the soup. Trust me, you want to try this.

The proper Greek name for this soup is Avgolemono, which I still have yet to pronounce correctly. My version (but wait, I can’t take full credit. My sister-in-law sent me her recipe since we both like lighter / healthier versions of dishes) is obviously modified, so don’t come knocking on my door if it tastes slightly different than what you have at an authentic Greek restaurant. I find that my version is a little lighter, while at restaurants the soup is a bit heavier. Equally yummy, but I like to keep my soups on the lighter side. When I want the soup to be a main course I add Orzo and it becomes a lot more filling. If you prefer, you can add rice instead.