Pea, Mint, + White Truffle Pasta - Sivan

Pea, Mint &White Truffle Pasta

Sorry, no fancy food pics today. You guys were in SUCH a rush to get this recipe that I had no choice but to snap crappy iPhone pics to get the job done! Honestly, I don’t blame you though. This pasta is D-lish…I made it twice in one week. Partly because it’s that good, and partly because I had leftover ingredients that I didn’t want to go to waste. So yeah, you have 2 options: either double this recipe and make one massive batch, or just make it twice because you’re likely to have lots of extra herbs if you shop at normal stores. And by normal stores I mean any store that sells produce. They tend to sell bunches so large that I always end up wasting / throwing away unless I keep cooking food using the same herbs. And yes, my problem would be solved if I stopped killing my vegetable garden but….that’s not going too well.