Peanut Chicken + Coconut Rice - Sivan

Peanut Chicken &Coconut Rice

We all love an easy dinner so thought it was time to bring back some recipes. I haven’t actually posted any new recipes since moving into the new house almost 2 years ago (!!!). Feels good to be back in the kitchen and cooking my own meals rather than depending solely on take-out. This type of meal is my favorite because while it’s homemade, it still includes some store-bought elements that makes it super easy and quick. I’m just at a point where if there’s a more convenient option, I’m going for it (ie: pre-peeled garlic, jarred sauce, diced onions, etc.).

This recipe calls for peanut sauce and my personal favorite is this Vietnamese one I buy at Whole Foods – the one I linked is $24 so don’t buy that LOL. Take a quick trip to Whole Foods instead (unless you’re THAT lazy and rich).  I’m sure just about any peanut simmer sauce will get the job done though.

I’ll spare you the spiel and get straight into it. There’s nothing worse than a blog post that turns into a novel when it’s just supposed to be a recipe, am I right?! I’m assuming you guys won’t even be reading this part LOL so I’ll shut up now.