Easy Baked & Healthy Chicken Schnitzel & Israeli Salad

SCHNITZEL & Israeli Salad

This is a childhood meal of mine that I modified to fit my cooking style. In other words, there is no frying, mashed potatoes, or corn. Not that I don’t love those things, but I realize there is zero nutritional value in potatoes or corn so I rarely make either (except for a delicious Mexican corn recipe that I’ll be sharing very soon!). I also have a weird thing with frying. I can’t stand the smell–it fills my house and lingers for days and my hair wreaks of it, too. Anytime we have a family dinner at my house and a dish requires frying my mom does it at her house (so nice of her, I know).

With that said, below are the 2 recipes that you will find incredibly easy. Shocker!