Tomorrow I turn 29 and I can hardly believe I’m on my way out of my 20’s. To be perfectly honest, I’m not afraid or dreading it, either. I feel like my twenties were a huge growing experience for me. I learned so much about myself, about other people in my life, how to read […]

Ripped + Relaxed

Sometimes a girl just likes to be relaxed. Contrary to popular belief, heels really are relaxing to me since I reach a semi-normal height, and as long as everywhere else is low key, I’m good. Sundays are made for ripped boyfriend jeans, a loose blouse, an over-sized clutch to haul everything, and of course, some […]


I find extreme comfort in wearing my boyfriend’s attire. Whether it is one of his v-neck t-shirts that have shrunken from time in the dryer, a beanie he hasn’t yet stretched out, a pair of sunglasses that slide off my nose a little too much to be practical, or his mother’s vintage necklace, I love […]