#SantaSivan is HERE!

This is my second year hosting the #SantaSivan giveaways and I’m super excited for the brands I have lined up for you guys. The notion behind these giveaways is to give back to you guys for your continued support and to share with you some of my favorite products. As an influencer I’m lucky to […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 8!

Santa Sivan Giveaway

It’s the last & final day of Hanukkah and my #SantaSivan giveaways. I’m kind of sad to be honest, it’s been really fun seeing the responses to each day’s prizes and of course I always appreciate the support and love I receive from my readers. Last year I created the #SantaSivan giveaway as a way to give […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 7!

Planet blue

I have my go-to sites for clothes shopping and one that has consistently been on my list for YEARS is Planet Blue. They are one of the few retailers that still has a boutique vibe in their brick and mortar shops, which I love, and their selection is just very me. If you are like me–one […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 6!

Five & Two Jewelry

For me, an outfit is made once I accessorize. I don’t really talk a lot about “fashion” because I don’t have much to say about it. I wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts / bodysuits / crop tops / wrap tops and so there’s only so much to really chat about it. However, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 5!

Bali Body

SUPER excited for you guys to have an opportunity to win some of my FAVORITE products! If you follow me somewhat regularly you know that I love Bali Body (on vacation & in my everyday makeup routines) and I get countless messages from you guys about their products. Today am I happy to announce that I’ve teamed up […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 4!

  One of my favorite bikini lines, Beach Riot, has come out with THE cutest activewear! Nothing motivates me to workout more than cute new outfits, and these sets are next level. I secretly could wear them in everyday life if we’re being totally honest here. With the new year coming up, I thought it might […]