Current Home Trends I’m Obsessed With

I go through phases with home decor. Sometimes, I honestly forget about things for a while because I’m good with our house or I’m busy AF. Then other times, I become obsessed with editing our living spaces, stalking all things Amber Interiors, and being on Pinterest for hours a day. Lately, it’s been the latter […]

How to Elevate Your Bathroom Without Renovating

Throughout the years of renovating several bathrooms, I’ve noticed that I have a specific style, at least when it comes to the contents. Obviously there’s a sink and all that essential shit, but on top of that, I have a list of items that I NEED in each bathroom. They’re little details that turn a […]

Tips On A Comfy (But Not Too Comfy) Space

When we moved into our current home, I knew I needed to give our guest room a face-lift. It was cute in our last house, but like everything with this style revamp, I wanted it to feel slightly more elevated and classic – with a boho vibe. Less cutesy, more chic. And I f*cking love […]