Our Poolside Situation

Before we officially move out of our house in the Valley this summer, I wanted to document a few spaces I haven’t put on the blog. First up, our poolside situation. We have spent A LOT of time in this backyard and while I’ll be sad to leave the memories, I can’t wait to share […]

Current At-Home Vibe

1. Leopard Bike Shorts 2. Gel Highlighter 3. Tank Jumpsuit 4. K√©rastase Nutritive Hair Mask (sponsored by hair.com powered by L’Oreal) 5. Boxy Crop Top 6 + 7. Shorts and Top Set 8. Resistance Bands 9. Birkenstock Slides 10. Sleep Mist 11. Champion Drawstring Shorts 12. Baies Candle in black and clear 13. Splattered Slides

My Living Room

I’ve shared looks at my living room a million times on Instagram but realized I’ve never formally shared it on the blog. And now that we’ve lived in the house for 2 years, it’s probably time. TBH, this is my favorite room in our house. It’s the most adult-friendly and one area that Capri’s toys […]

The 411 on Pantry Organization

The pantry is my happy place. I LIVE for bins (!!!!), organization, uniformity, and a pretty presentation. Not only does it soothe my soul, it really looks like you have your shit together to the outside world. But all jokes aside, an organized pantry is the secret to eliminating wasteful grocery shopping and allowing for […]