WHAT I WANT | 5.18.16

In honor of my Jonathan Adler event tomorrow (see details here), I have compiled all the pieces I [currently] have my eye on. Luckily, tomorrow everything is 20% at the spring soireƩ! I hope you will all join me tomorrow evening for some champagne, homemade donuts, shopping, and of course, some Snapchatting! xo


One of my very first blog posts back in 2011 was about how I wanted to marry Jonathan Adler. I had just discovered who he is and fell madly in love with his aesthetic, designs, and mottos. I spent hours studying rooms he had decorated, lusting over all the small details that brought the room […]

OMFG! Adler for JCP

OMFG doesn’t even do my reaction to discovering this collection justice! Much like Missoni for Target, bringing in designer goods at too-good-to-be-true pricing is just that, too good to be true. My gay husband has teamed up with JCP–most likely in an effort to boost their falling sales–and has brought the essence of his motto, […]

Jonathan Adler is my soul mate

Since my birthday just passed, I already took the liberty of spending the Amazon gift card from my Mommy. There are so many books that I want I had to divide my purchases into categories. The first, and most important at this point in my decorating frenzy, are the home decor books. But really, it […]