’90s-Inspired Lips

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve noticed that the ‘90s are back. Calvin Klein-esque LBDs, oversized flannels, mini bags and sunglasses, baggy leather…should I keep going? Let’s not forget the beauty trends that are making a comeback either. Hair clips, brown everything, and glossy lips, baby! Obviously there’s some stuff to retire for good […]

Naturally Unnatural

  If there’s one thing I’m always down to spend money on, it’s products / services / treatments that give me back time. Time is one of those things we can never get back, and I’m all about investing in beauty that essentially lets me do less on the daily. Whether it’s weekly blowouts so […]

What I Like on My Lips

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve become obsessed with lip colors. So much so that I’ve started hoarding every beige/nude/pink/taupe combo on the market, picking and choosing which ones are worth the drawer space. Blame it on Kylie or the 90’s resurgence, but I’m here for it! Below you’ll find the list of my ride-or-die […]