Someone recently asked me if I’m the kind of person who feeds off other people’s energy or if I’m the one giving off the energy? It was a question I had never considered or thought about until now. I always felt like my mood was in direct correlation with the events of my day–how much […]


Trying out the whole just-gonna-talk-about-my-week kinda post since I really have nothing very exciting to say about my “look.” This past weekend my family celebrated Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) and I also finalized all the plans for my Halloween / birthday party. Yes, I’m combining the two this year. My birthday is less than […]

Down Under

Danger! I’m a mere 4 days away from jet-setting away into paradise and you can probably find me frolicking around the city in close to nothing but a bathing suit and cover-up. This one (above) thankfully converts into a wrap dress (seen below) to help eliminate the stares that inevitably come my way when I […]

Piece of Cake

Anything printed, flowy, and open back is welcome when I go on a vacation. Or anytime during summer, really. But this look in particular has me swooning for my upcoming vacation. With only a couple short weeks to go, the vacation packing inspiration continues until the real thing arrives (August 6th!). One thing I must […]

Copa Cobana Cobalt

My name might not be Lola, but I do know that if I was at the Copa Cabana (Rio de Janeiro) I might consider yellow feathers in my hair and THIS dress cut down to¬†there.¬†However, before you find me in Rio, you will most likely find me in Greece frolicking in this cute cobalt dress. […]


I’ve never been much of a 4th of July girl. It’s weird, because I pretty much love everything the day embodies–freedom, BBQ, bikinis, sun, cocktails, 3-day weekends…but for some reason I just don’t get as excited as everyone else. This year I am forcing myself to change my attitude and enjoy the parts of 4th […]