Nail Colors I Wear Non-Stop

2020 has completely f*cked with my manicure game but I’m attempting to keep things looking somewhat presentable. While I’ll obviously never be on the level of a professional, here are the nail colors I’ve been switching up. Oh and I live for this OPI Nail Strengthener that Lily turned me onto, which I apply in […]

My Beauty Maintenance Schedule

I’ve always been someone who likes to feel and look maintained. When your nails are consistently manicured, your tan is on point, your legs are shaved, and your skincare is prioritized, you don’t need to spend as much time, money, or stress on hiding shit. Plus, I’ve learned that you can multi-task and get more […]

Take Me to Capri

I’m beyond excited to OFFICIALLY annouce that Round 2 of my collab with NCLA is here! Presenting the latest collection…Take Me to Capri! If you’re new around here, I released my initial set of polishes with them in 2017. You can read more about that first collab and how it came to fruition in this […]

Why A Waterless Manicure

You may have noticed that I’ve been rocking longer, rounder nails the last few months. It wasn’t really an intentional decision, it sort of just happened when my nails somehow decided to be strong enough to grow and not crack / chip / break / peel. I’ve always struggled with weak nails thanks to my […]


It’s funny to me that I get so many questions about my nails because they are usually chipped or smudged. But I guess it doesn’t look like that on camera. Going to take a wild guess here and say that it’s because of my polish choices. As my nail lady would say, I’m very predictable […]


I feel very good about my decision to film this video, as I always aim to give you guys what you want. I’ve found myself spending hours replying to DM’s, and while I love interacting with you guys, sometimes I feel a little robotic typing out the same answers. SO, here is a video with […]