SPRING WEEK: Trending Tops

As a fun little distraction for everyone (including me), I wanted to put together SPRING WEEK. Some of you might remember FALL WEEK back in September which you guys seemed to love, so even with everything going on, I wanted to deliver this spring. Each day for the next seven days, you’ll be seeing my […]


Despite not working in a traditional office or 9 to 5 (it’s more like 7:30AM to 10:30PM with a few bursts of procrastination in between), I did come from what some call a ‘desk job’ that required me to dress more on the professional, office chic side. Today I still have to get dressed “for […]


Lately a lot has been on my mind about the blog. I’m trying to decide the “direction” I want to take–either continue doing what I’m doing by mixing it up (fashion, home, cooking, etc.) or completely nixing outfits (and fashion altogether) to focus more on the lifestyle aspect. I pay close attention to every comment […]