#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 7!

Planet blue

I have my go-to sites for clothes shopping and one that has consistently been on my list for YEARS is┬áPlanet Blue. They are one of the few retailers that still has a boutique vibe in their brick and mortar shops, which I love, and their selection is just very me. If you are like me–one […]


A friend of mine recently asked me for some of my best hosting advice since last year I hosted a good amount of parties, dinners, crafting days, etc. It made me realize that I should probably do the same on my blog since some of you might be faced with a last minute event and […]


I’m not really into bragging about my “squad” and all that Mean Girl stuff, but I do want to talk about a few lovely ladies that I had the pleasure of spending time with during NYFW last week. I’m starting to see a trend whenever I travel for the blog–I always meet really great people. […]


Okayyyyyy!!!! I finally just sat down and caught up on LIFE after being gone for 2 weeks in the Hamptons, NYC, and then Miami. I have received a lot of questions about my trip–why? what are you doing? why isn’t Paul with you? what is swim week? etc. I always do a post recapping my […]