Gifts for New or Expecting Mama’s

I don’t usually do this but after such a positive reaction from a recent newsletter where I shared this topic, I wanted to bring it to the entire community. It’s a question that comes up 24/7 in the Facebook Group, too, so I hope it’s helpful! If you’re not signed up for the newsletter yet, […]

Q+A with Sivan: Health + Fitness Edition

Maybe because it’s summer or the fact that I’ve been living in the new Tan + Lines collection (dropping Thursday!!) but I’ve gotten more health / fitness questions than usual lately. To answer efficiently, I figured I’d do a big Q+A here. I get endless questions about postpartum fitness and “bouncing back” so I’ll dedicate […]

Postpartum Realness

Apologies for all the back-to-back pregnancy posts but I want to make sure I get these out of the way before I forget the gory details (LOL). It seems like everyone really wants to know the nitty gritty of what happens AFTER you give birth and I totally understand why. Not many people talk about […]