10 Dresses That Work With or Without a Bump

You guys know by now that I’m not a fan of typical maternity clothing. I tried a few brands while pregnant with Capri and most were horrible. Awkward fitting, unflattering, weird material, and I also didn’t want to invest in a bunch of clothing I would only wear for a limited time. Obviously there are […]

Baby NÂș2

I know you guys have questions and lots of them. Trust me, part of the reason I waited so long to announce this second pregnancy is because I was literally just processing the fact that I’m going to have another baby. Let’s just say this was not planned (like my first pregnancy), so the last […]

The Advice I’d Give All Parents (or Future Parents)

To celebrate my baby girl turning one, I wanted to dedicate this week to all things baby / parenthood. Content gets buried and if you’re new around here you might have missed some of my pregnancy / early motherhood posts. Don’t worry, I’m not spamming you with every single baby-related post I’ve ever written. These […]

Pregnancy Myths & Truths

Not everything I’m going to discuss in this post is actually a myth per se, but they are commonly believed things that I have found to be untrue for my pregnancy. At this point I am 40+ weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting my baby’s arrival so I have had an opportunity to try out some […]

Letter To Babygirl

Dear Baby Rich, Today is your due date (September 22nd). Our doctor said you would most likely come 5 days early or late, which means you can really be here any day now. Your whole family is anxiously waiting–we have a due date bet and everyone is harassing me daily about “how I feel” because […]

3rd Trimester Update

I am officially 35 weeks pregnant (8.5 months) and kind of panicking! 5 more weeks (unless she comes sooner) until I get to meet my baby girl!! HOW?!! Time is actually flying, which is the opposite of what you hear about pregnancy. Everyone always says it crawls by but I’m feeling like the complete opposite. […]