What to Do When Your Life is a Hot Mess

Honestly, I feel like I’ve come a long way since the beginning of quarantine. The beginning was ugly. Without our house cleaner who keeps my ass in check in terms of picking up after myself, my family to come over to help with Capri so I could get stuff done, and obviously without the usual […]

My Tips on Working From Home

I realize that while I’m used to working from home at this point, most of the country (scratch that, world), is not. I actually remember first working from home years ago thinking it was going to be this boujee mix of working out, making healthy lunches, taking mid-day self-care breaks, etc etc., and was quickly […]

What I Like to Do to Start Each Season

I know fall technically started weeks ago but here in LA, that’s bullsh*t. We’re only now just seeing hints of the season (forecasts of 71 degrees LOL) so even though I’ve shared my picks for fall fashion and decor, I was sweating doing so. Now that we’re getting there, it’s time to focus on seasonal […]

Phone Apps I Can’t Live Without

SOCIAL + Instagram – No explanation needed, right? It’s one of my most active platforms personally and for my business. + Facebook – If you’re not a part of my Facebook group, I highly suggest joining (here). It’s a cool way for my entire community to connect and I love seeing you guys talking / […]