Sick Style

  Literally, ok? In these pictures I actually have a nasty stomach virus that had me riding in the back of an ambulance after my near-drowning saga, but I still felt the need to throw on a ridiculous outfit and get photographed in the snow covered tress in my mom’s backyard. My 5-year old self […]

Baby it’s cold outside

This was the first and last time I attempted to wear LA-clothing in Indiana. To me a Rails shirt is the ultimate winter shirt–warm, soft, yummy–but apparently it doesn’t cut it in 20 degree weather. I sucked it up for the photos, and even tried to have a little fun with the snow, but I […]

Lady Lumber

This weekend my family drove up to Big Bear for a 3-day retreat in the woods. The weather was perfectly chilly yet sunny, and the scenery was picturesque. Like I mentioned before, my Rails shirt has not left my body since I purchased it and this is living proof. I’ve worn it with leather and […]