Nº32 is here!

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED!! I’m 32 and Nº32 is officially available to shop! + Lux Unfiltered has been the slogan of my blog for years – in short, it’s my interpretation of attainable luxury in an unfiltered voice. Very me, right? When it came time to decide what my brand name would be it was […]

Everything You Need to Know About Nº32 + The Pop-Up Shop

  We’re officially 24(ish) hours out from the launch of my self-tanner and first + LUX UNFILTERED product, Nº32. Holy shit! If you’ve been following along with on Instagram, you know that this product has completely taken over my life the past few months. I’m sharing more about the story behind Nº32 tomorrow (launch day!), […]

Beauty Products Currently On My Counter

You might recognize some of these products from my Stories, as I’ve shared most of them at some point or another. There’s a handful that have been in rotation for years! Seriously. I personally find it funny that this assortment just looks so pretty together…clearly I have a type when it comes to packaging. Not […]


When I’m not traveling somewhere tropical, aka I’m not getting a natural tan, I heavily rely on self tanning products. I refuse to step foot into a tanning bed, so during the times when I’m a little too pale for my liking, I have some go-to products. I’ve also learned how to maintain my tan […]


My obsession with being tan year-round has turned me into somewhat of an expert on the subject. I mean, when you’ve tried as many products as I have, you kind of just know what’s good. I will say this, so far no product has been bad. There have been products that didn’t really serve a […]