As many of you know, this past June I tied the knot in Greece. Yes, that country across the world whose primary language is GREEK! And no, I had never been there before, I’m not from there, my husband is not from there, and pretty much everyone in attendance had never been there (with a […]


I feel like I’ve traded fashion for furniture not just since moving into my new house, but years ago when Paul and I moved into our apartment. It was our first real spot that I could decorate and make our own and I fully spent every last dollar I had furnishing and decorating the place. […]


My honeymoon became real when we arrived on Santorini. We were alone at last and the place is just breathtakingly beautiful. It’s almost unfair how beautiful this island is. Like every other Greek island I’d been pinning for years, I was ready to be the most overboard on this island based on everything Pinterest had […]


I feel as though I need to re-introduce myself to the world, as 3 weeks of being out of the country traveling, getting married, and being on a honeymoon changes a person. A lot. Aside from the fact my name has changed and I am now Mrs. Sivan Ayla Richards, my marital status has changed, […]


Well, today I am getting on a plane to Greece with my entire family! We trekking 16+ hours for what I hope is the best vacation of my life. I cannot believe after 2 years of planning it is finally here. It really feels surreal. We are first headed to Mykonos for 5 days, where […]