If I haven’t already made this clear, I’m totally obsessed with Halloween. Pumpkin spice, not so much. But all black clothing, witch covens, scary movies, American Horror Story (did anyone else go to Universal Horror Nights just to see the AHS maze??!!), yes, yes yes! I’m pretty sure it’s partly a nostalgic thing, but Halloween […]


Recently I was in a few situations I didn’t like. It has something to do with people talking poorly about others–judging them, bashing them, being shallow. Now before you think that I don’t utter a negative thought / opinion about others ever, I’m definitely not perfect, and I pass my fair share of judgement. And […]


black salt tees

My gratitude sometimes escapes me when caught up in “life.” Whether it’s working really hard to reach my goals, plan my wedding, spend more quality time with the people who mean the most to me, or simply just doing day-to-day things, I often need to step back and reflect. Someone reminded me today that even […]


I recently read an article about girls (not sure if gender is actually relevant or not) who are considered outgoing introverts. I always had an issue typecasting myself as either an extrovert or introvert; I found both to be somewhat of an extreme, whereas I see myself as a pretty neutral type of girl. However, […]

WHAT I WANT | 1.7.15

I am bringing back one of my favorite activities of the week: the day I share all the things I’m currently lusting over. They tend to range from super cheap (obvious purchases) to huge splurges (must clear credit card and buy later), but at least there’s variety, right?! In case this is your first time […]


I originally had this short suit in mind with tights and a pair of booties for Paris, but with the random 90-degree weather we have had here in Hollywood I thought, why not? Sans tights and in sandals, I trotted around town in this little number while hosting a trunk show at Bloomingdales last week […]