This is the follow up post to How I Started My Blog, since I left a lot of unanswered questions in the air. I just really found it important for you to understand where and why and how my blog was started before I began dishing out tips that may seem obvious or pointless. I […]


You know you’re getting older when fall suddenly becomes more appealing than summer. I had to explain this concept to one of my good friends the other day, as she was ready to end our friendship after I dissed our beloved season summer. See, I just don’t find summer that fun when I can barely squeeze […]


When in paradise, do as the natives do. Show some skin, embrace the salty air, and wear a hat. Nothing beats sun-kissed skin, beach waves, and a fresh face. I just wish I could look this carefree while not on vacation. I have been experiencing some of the tropical storms running through the Virgin Islands […]

Down Under

Danger! I’m a mere 4 days away from jet-setting away into paradise and you can probably find me frolicking around the city in close to nothing but a bathing suit and cover-up. This one (above) thankfully converts into a wrap dress (seen below) to help eliminate the stares that inevitably come my way when I […]


  Today is a pretty big day for me on many different levels. You may find yourself rolling your eyes at what I’m about to discuss, but trust me, they would not be discussed if they weren’t a big deal somewhere deep in my life. Today marks the start of the week that Paul will […]

Copa Cobana Cobalt

My name might not be Lola, but I do know that if I was at the Copa Cabana (Rio de Janeiro) I might consider yellow feathers in my hair and THIS dress cut down to there. However, before you find me in Rio, you will most likely find me in Greece frolicking in this cute cobalt dress. […]