As many of you know, this past June I tied the knot in Greece. Yes, that country across the world whose primary language is GREEK! And no, I had never been there before, I’m not from there, my husband is not from there, and pretty much everyone in attendance had never been there (with a […]


I feel as though I need to re-introduce myself to the world, as 3 weeks of being out of the country traveling, getting married, and being on a honeymoon changes a person. A lot. Aside from the fact my name has changed and I am now Mrs. Sivan Ayla Richards, my marital status has changed, […]


Well, today I am getting on a plane to Greece with my entire family! We trekking 16+ hours for what I hope is the best vacation of my life. I cannot believe after 2 years of planning it is finally here. It really feels surreal. We are first headed to Mykonos for 5 days, where […]


From the wedding, that is. You guys, can you believe I am getting married so soon?! So sorry if this is wedding overload lately but now that it is actually here I cannot wrap my head around it. For starters, I have been working on my wardrobe for this trip / wedding for approximately 2 […]


With only one week left in February, I am looking at the final 3 months before I tie the knot. It is both surreal and unbelievable that after what seemed like the biggest fight to convince everyone in my life that a 2-year engagement would fly by, it is now almost time! See, I told […]

How To Plan A Wedding While Working

Lately my desk looks like a “full on Monet!” [Clueless reference]. Meaning: from afar it looks pretty cute, but up close it’s a big ole mess! For someone who is pretty OCD, this has definitely given me some self-inflicted anxiety, but there is an added responsibility in my life right now that will exist until […]