No trip to New York is complete without stopping traffic in the busy streets for some crosswalk photos, right? Especially during Fashion Week. This year was my first time attending Fashion Week in New York and I’m gonna be totally honest, it wasn’t really my thing. As a blogger it’s something I always felt I […]


Not really sure WHAT I was thinking when I packed for NYFW (New York Fashion Week). In my head I envisioned full looks–layered, chic, heeled, accessorized. Oh man, how I was wrong. Sure, during a presentation / dinner / event I could last in said outfit, but let’s be honest: the cobblestone, all the walking, […]

The Exception

Ever since I decided I was getting married in Greece I have had this crazy anxiety about building a wardrobe that revolves around my Greece ideals. Meaning: the entire time I will be there (approximately 3 week) I will be wearing something white and something new. I have slowly been accumulating pieces that I am […]

London Calling

Settling into London took absolutely no time. The perpetual gloom didn’t even phase me or my style, as I just kept my head covered with a hat at all times (not a problem in my eyes). One of my favorite days in London was spent walking Portobello Road with all the street vendors and amazing […]