Does anyone remember the days of Seventeen magazine, butterfly clips (100’s of them in your hair at once), Soda flip flops, and of course, YMI?! I’m such a sucker for invoking nostalgia through brands I loved growing up. It’s funny though, because this YMI dress is no different than something I wore a solid 15 […]


When in paradise, do as the natives do. Show some skin, embrace the salty air, and wear a hat. Nothing beats sun-kissed skin, beach waves, and a fresh face. I just wish I could look this carefree while not on vacation. I have been experiencing some of the tropical storms running through the Virgin Islands […]


I’ve got quite the infatuation with roses. I believe it began with the actual flower and everything it represented. Each color meant something different, and the aroma was always slightly sweeter when received from someone special. As I got older (and Pinterest was invented) and discovered other flowers that were just as beautiful, I started […]

Piece of Cake

Anything printed, flowy, and open back is welcome when I go on a vacation. Or anytime during summer, really. But this look in particular has me swooning for my upcoming vacation. With only a couple short weeks to go, the vacation packing inspiration continues until the real thing arrives (August 6th!). One thing I must […]

Copa Cobana Cobalt

My name might not be Lola, but I do know that if I was at the Copa Cabana (Rio de Janeiro) I might consider yellow feathers in my hair and THIS dress cut down to¬†there.¬†However, before you find me in Rio, you will most likely find me in Greece frolicking in this cute cobalt dress. […]

Vacation Style

Well, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. Summer–a season that seems somewhat endless in Southern California, but never seems escape excitement come July. I, myself, will be jet setting over to St. John at the end of the month and have already been preparing outfits (duh), as well as a mindset. Paul will be […]