Boujee Survival Tips for When It’s Hot AF

We’ve officially reached the part of summer where every day is 99+ degrees. I actually love the heat but after living in the Valley for so long it’s become me my mission to enjoy summer even when it feels like the middle of the desert outside. Because you know I’m not giving up my summer […]

Coachella Outfit Inspiration

You asked for it so here it is! I collaborated with my assistant Kenzie Burke, who has impeccable style, to pinpoint past Coachella looks I love & are realistic. Festival season can be so overwhelming and quite frankly, over the top. There is so much pressure to show up in something show-stopping and honestly I’m […]


When I’m not traveling somewhere tropical, aka I’m not getting a natural tan, I heavily rely on self tanning products. I refuse to step foot into a tanning bed, so during the times when I’m a little too pale for my liking, I have some go-to products. I’ve also learned how to maintain my tan […]


Last week during an IG Live I did my makeup using a new blush I’d received and loved. When I’d initially tried this look I was heading to a shoot so my makeup was a bit heavier; this version is more toned down so you could wear it on a regular day without scaring people. […]


There are so many TV shows I watch that take place in the Hamptons. Gossip Girl, The Affair, Revenge, and that’s not even counting all the movies! Needless to say, I feel like I know the Hamptons. I feel like I know where to eat, shop, whose house is cool, who throws the best parties…but […]