Pewter Boudoir

An all white bedroom is always plush, luxurious, and easily stained–while I love love love the idea of it, I know that it is just not realistic with my two dogs and boyfriend. However, a pewter bedroom is a whole other story. It poses the possibility of adding other colors, mixing and matching, and it […]

How to: Style a Drink Cart

1. Connaught Drink cart // Interior Home Scapes 2. Ice bucket 3. Hobnail pitcher// Apartment 48 4. Cabana Bar Set// Z Gallerie 5. Laurel Flutes // Z Gallerie 6. Gelato Tray // Z Gallerie 7. Leopard Highball glasses // Sold out 8. Burnett’s Pink Lemonade Vodka // Burnett’s 9. Cocktail napkins // Z Gallerie 10. […]