Best Year Round Nail Polishes
It’s funny to me that I get so many questions about my nails because they are usually chipped or smudged. But I guess it doesn’t look like that on camera. Going to take a wild guess here and say that it’s because of my polish choices. As my nail lady would say, I’m very predictable / boring when it comes to picking colors. You won’t catch me in neon, shimmer, or anything too loud.

In my FAQ video I talked about my nails and why I don’t like gel. It takes way too long to take off and call me a whimp, but it hurts! While traditional nail polish chips easily and requires more maintenance, I’d rather deal with a weekly polish change (that I do myself in between manicures) than the painful and long process of removing gel. Since I paint my own nails every week, I have quite the selection, and I’ve divided them up for you by color category.

You’ll see a pattern of the same brands, tones, and finishes and here’s why. I’ve tried 100’s of nail polishes in my lifetime and know which ones are good–long lasting, good colors, smooth formula, easy application, and don’t dry up too quickly in the bottle. I only wear matte colors–absolutely no shimmer, glitter, iridescence, etc. I also stick within a very simple and neutral color palette–pale pinks, nudes, browns / mauves, whites, reds, and darks. While an electric blue might look chic on someone else, it just isn’t for me.

Lastly, I like to keep my nails looking as natural as possible. SHOCKER, right? Obviously you know I’m wearing nail polish…no one is born with Essie Ballet Slipper nails. However, the length and shape needs to be natural, too. I had my acrylic days back in high school (among other terrible choices I made back then) and now you couldn’t pay me to glue something to my nails. No designs, no rhinestone, nothing. I love a classic, basic, boring nail color, length, and shape.


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