Watch Annie Lawless Wedding Weekend in Positano, Italy


I saved the best parts of the trip for it’s very own vlog. If you followed along on IG Stories you had a glimpse into all the magic that ensued during #MakingLawlessLegal aka Annie Lawless wedding weekend. Her wedding weekend was more beautiful than anything I could ever dream. All the exquisite details, florals, events, wardrobe, food, entertainment (& so much more) were perfectly complemented by the stunning Positano cliff-side in the background of it all. Hands-down THE most beautiful wedding, ever.

Being part of this wedding was truly such an honor. If you know Annie, you know how warm, friendly, and charismatic she is. She radiates genuine happiness & positivity and the love between her and her now hubby is palpable. It’s hard to put into words, so the best way to sum it up is pure magic. She created something unique for all of us guests to experience and I’m sure none of us will ever forget a single detail (because they were THAT Instagrammable)! Thank you, Annie, I love you!

Since Paul & I had been to the Amalfi Coast the summer prior, we decided we wouldn’t spend any extra time there. Instead we just enjoyed being guests at the wedding of the century that luckily brought us back to some of our favorite places. La Fontellina Beach Club on Capri is pretty much my favorite place on planet Earth. You’ll see in this Vlog that some of my footage from last year’s trip is very similar to this year’s, because I can’t travel all the way to Italy and NOT jump into that blue sparkling water. I just can’t.

If you want details from last year’s trip to Positano & Capri, I have tons of content on the blog for you to read. Since I didn’t create a Vlog last year (not really sure why?), I added some unseen footage from last year’s trip down the coast into this video. Don’t forget to check our Part 1 to see footage from Venice, Florence, & Rome!

Really quick…AHHHH! Brides Magazine posting this was pretty epic!