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I love the reaction I get when people find out 90% of my pictures are taken on the iPhone. I used to work with a photographer for all of my content, but I’ve just come to terms with the fact that the iPhone quality is good enough and a lot easier. I was very into my Canon T3i for years but sadly the iPhone has taken over my life. While the iPhone quality is even good enough for videos since it has a stabilizer, I still use my Sony 5100 for beauty videos because the microphone is good. Plus, it gives the skin a nice smoothness while the iPhone is very crystal clear (aka, you see everything).

Over the years I’ve invested in lighting since I film a lot in my house and you can’t really depend on bright natural light every day. It’s not the most convenient since they are large and bulky and take up so much space, but my guest room has officially turned into my storage unit, so…

Also, not included in this post are the side tables, decorative boxes I use as risers, the vanity mirror, and bed I sit on while filming. Sometimes you just have to get creative to make it work. I’m sure all my fellow vloggers out there get me. Basically I’d rather utilize things in my house than buy MORE crap I have no space for.

Lastly, here is a breakdown of apps I use to edit my images & videos.

-VSCO: To filter my images, I use VSCO. I like the A & J series….if you don’t know what VSCO is or how to use it…GOOGLE IT!

-FaceTune: Not ashamed at all to say that when I have a blemish I do, in fact, remove it. No one wants to see that up close. I also smooth out my legs when they look vein-y, and if my outfit is unflattering (oversized) sometimes I’ll “reshape” it since the camera can make things look FUG.

-Kira Kira: I don’t use this too often, but when I want to add that sparkle effect to my photos or videos I use Kira Kira. It’s a paid app but so fun!

-iMovie: To edit any and all videos, I use the most basic editing program in the books. iMovie is the first program I ever learned to use (thanks to Lital), and I have yet to learn something more complex. For now it gets the job done.

-Photoshop: For collages (like the above), I use Photoshop. I learned how to use it in school years ago and it’s probably the most valuable tool I acquired at FIDM. In order to link products, I use my affiliate program Reward Style.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions on my editing and shooting tools & I’ll reply down below in the comments.