My weekly exercise routine looks something like this:

Monday – work out with my trainer in the evening (wash hair)

Tuesday – take the day off

Wednesday – work out with my trainer (evening)

Thursday – either boxing or the treadmill in the morning (wash hair)

Friday – take the day off

Saturday – boxing in the morning (wash hair)

Sunday – take the day off

I threw in my hair washing schedule as well since that IS a question I get pretty often. Some weeks I have more events that throw off this schedule, but in a dream world I would stick to this schedule. It spaces out my workouts (& hair washes) nicely, and allows me time to recover.

Currently we have this terrible eye sore in our guest room (since we don’t have a proper garage) called The Treadmill. If I have any regrets in life, it’s letting Paul get this damn treadmill. While I use it on days that I’m not in the mood for boxing / kickboxing, I still like to complain about it. With that said, here is the circuit that I made up for myself on the treadmill. I get pretty bored running so I like to switch things up, which also gives me a little break since my stamina is basically maxed out at about a mile or so.

*Sidenote, every treadmill is different so I’m to omit the actual settings.


-Start out running 1 mile (takes me about 9 minutes) on no incline.

-Slow down to a comfortable pace, turn up the incline to MAX. Walk for 4 minutes.

-Reduce the incline back to 0, walk for another 1-2 minutes to bring your heart rate back down.

-Turn up the speed, run another 1 mile, or just finish up the mile (depending on your energy level).

-You can either repeat the max incline / walking part, or just cool down.

Some days I feel very energized and can go for 3-4 miles, but typically when I’m using the treadmill I’m just trying to get in a quick 25 minutes sweat session so I can rush off to wash my hair. I like to work this in (if I’m not doing boxing) between my training sessions since we don’t do cardio. Toning and working with weights is great, but you need to take care of your heart, too. Plus, I really love sweating out all the toxins!