Face Oils

I’ve become a HUGE advocate of face oils since finding the right ones for me. You may remember a post I did a while back about having a difficult time with face oils, and it was because I was using a drugstore version. While I’m all about a deal, there are some things that are worth the splurge. Face oils is one of those things, in my opinions.

Since my mid-20’s I’ve prioritized my skincare routine, making sure I’m using quality products and not stopping until I’ve found the right match. I’ve gone through TONS of different brands and products and now I’m 25 products deep a day. It’s pretty excessive, to be honest, but I feel like each one serves a purpose.

When it comes to face oils, a lot of people wonder why I’m so obsessed when supposedly oil is bad for your skin? Well, there’s a few things I want to mention about this. 1. I was told oily people age better, 2. I’m very dry in in the winter, & 3. I LIVE for a glow. Face oils solve my issues and demands AND they are so pure and simple. A lot of oils are extracted from a flower, seed, olive, etc. (aka natural ingredients) and the emollience is just so yummy for your skin. Below I’m listed my 3 favorite face oils, 1 that’s been in my rotation for over a year, & 2 that are fairly new but almost empty!



1. Herbivore Lapis Oil: I use this oil at night. After I wash & dry my face I coat this on THICK. I typically wear my hair up in a bun for 10 minutes after applying to avoid getting my hair greasy. This oil is made of all natural ingredients and helps even your skin tone and relieve inflammation. I find it incredibly hydrating and when I wake up in the morning my skin has absorbed it all and I’m left with a nice smooth complexion.

2. La Mer Renewal Oil: Not to brag, but Patrick Ta & I had an in-depth convo about how insanely amazing this oil is. I went to a seminar about this oil and La Mer has spent YEARS perfecting this “miracle broth.” I use this as a primer, combined with their foundation, on top of makeup as a highlighter, mixed with their cream, & as a moisturizer. It is so thin & smooth that the possibilities are endless with this oil. I only got it a few months ago and I’m already burning through it. It’s super pricey but SO good!

3. Uma Brightening Oil: I’ve been using this oil for a while now. It was the first “expensive” oil I started using and can’t ever see myself NOT using it. The ingredients are all natural and the smell is very therapeutic. I like to use this oil when my skin is really suffering from flakiness, drab coloring, & extra dry. I will layer this on for a few hours and it’s like magic!