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10 Facts About me

Social media can be tricky to “keep up” with whether you’re the one creating the content or on the receiving end. For example, many of my long-time followers know why my husband [Paul] has two names / an alter ego [Richard]. New followers are often confused about his real name and I see it in the DMs they send. It’s not just that, I get a lot of the same questions often, which is why I created the FAQ video, but I figured it was time to post a little factual post for anyone new who needs a little briefing on me and my ways, and this can also serve as a little refresher for anyone who might have forgotten. I also wanted to mention that if you guys want to know any other info about me please let me know down below in the comments so I can put together more posts for you!

1. I have 2 tattoos. My first tattoo happened years ago with my best friend Lily. It was unplanned and I was terrified, but she was getting something and I just got the itch. It’s a WHITE infinity tattoo on the inside of my pinky (Lily has one, too). At this point it’s barely noticeable but it still counts! My other tattoo is a sister tattoo and all 3 of us have in the same spot. My top triangle is filled in since I’m the first born.

2. I’m 5’3″. Whenever I meet readers in person they usually comment on my height / how short I am. Yeah, yeah…I just know how to work my angles and dress my figure. With that said, I wear XS in most clothing items and S in bathing suits. If you’re wondering why I’m sharing this, well, you should see my DMs. People REALLY want to know what size I wear in the clothes I share.

3. I was born in 1987. Yep, I’m not as young as most people think I am and I’m MORE than okay with that. I’m not one of those people who is ashamed of getting older or their age, I embrace it! I feel like I have a fabulous life that I’m proud of and honestly the only way I got here is with age / time. I couldn’t achieve all of this in my 20’s…I was too busy being dumb, figuring out life, job hopping, etc.

4. I’m Hungarian, Israeli, Spanish, & Native American. HUGE mix. Usually no one can guess my ethnicity and that’s because I have so much in me. My family’s background is so diverse and I love knowing that I have family all over the world. I also speak Hebrew fluently, but cannot read or write for shit.

5. I’m a lifestyle blogger. Something that many people ask (maybe in a condescending way? not really sure, as it’s via DM) is what I do?? In a nutshell, I’m a digital influencer and content creator. I write my own blog that discusses beauty, home decor, relationships, life hacks, recipes, fashion, travel, etc. [lifestyle], as well as share my life and content via social media. How do I make money? Read this post here….I’m very transparent about this business and how I go about MY business.

6. Married with a baby on the way. Paul and I got married in Greece in June 2015. I have extensive wedding posts here. While we met in high school, we didn’t date until much later (video on that as well). I’m currently 5 months pregnant and expecting our first baby in September 2018.

7. I’m a Valley girl. But I also lived in Israel (Eilat) and Hawaii (Maui) for part of my life. Los Angeles (The Valley) is my home, but I still have friends in both places. Living in another country gave my family the opportunity to travel often, which is how I was able to visit so many countries at a young age. Paul and I now like to travel twice per year and some of our favorite places are Greece, Italy, and Fiji. I’ve done extensive travel guides on all of these places and more!

8. Olive & Lyla are my EVERYTHING! Paul and I rescued and adopted both of our pups 7 & 8 years ago. Olive is a male Maltese and is SO smart. He is super well-behaved (aside from the yapping!) and thinks he is the king of the house. Lyla is a timid little Maltipoo with the BIGGEST heart. She only wants love and cuddles in life. They love each other so much it’s just adorable, but not as much as Paul and I love THEM. They are hypoallergenic so they don’t shed, which is crucial for my clean-house OCD.

9. I have 2 sisters. You probably know Lital (@litaljulia) from Instagram. She recently started blogging and vlogging while trying to also become an elementary school teacher. She is 8 years younger than me. Jessica (@gypsetkitchen) is a pastry chef and is 7 years younger than me. When we get together people get confused about the ages, but I’m the oldest (obviously). Growing up they were just babies to me so it’s weird to see them living “normal people” lives now.

10. Always living my best life. I know it’s probably an overused saying, but it’s a very inspiring way of thinking. I strive to find the fun in everything–grocery shopping, cleaning, working, layovers, etc. My theory is there is always a reason to pop some champagne (even on a random Tuesday), although right now I’m very deprived since I’m pregnant. I believe in balance and moderation, which is why typically I drink lots of rosé but balance it out the rest of the week with tons of water. I appreciate the people in my life, see the good in most situations, have a positive attitude, and overall just want everything in my life to be fabulous. NEVER settling (post on that here). My blog is also dedicated to sharing all of this so you can also live your best life, too! I don’t sugarcoat, I tell it how it is, and that is the last thing to know about me. The realness will never go away. I may not be for everyone but I’m okay with that. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and getting to know me!

Now tell me some things about YOU! Would love to know where you guys are from, what you do, etc.