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The 411 on Face Rollers

Face rollers have become all the rage. I started using my first one [roller] about a year ago when I started seeing the slight development of my double chin. To be clear, it only exists when I laugh, smile really big, lean back, or look at myself from below my chin. It’s a very specific angle and quite frankly, I hate it. I’m definitely my own biggest critic so it doesn’t really matter what people tell me….I see the damn roll! I don’t lose sleep over it or anything, but I know it’s there and try to do what I can to prevent it from getting worse. That is honestly how it all started for me. I was complaining about my double chin when someone told me I should check out the Nurse Jamie Uplift roller. Apparently all the Kardashians had talked about it so I figured for $69 I’m getting the damn thing.

My roller arrived a few days later and before even knowing how it worked, the benefits, or all the different ways you could use it, I was already obsessed. It just feels SO damn good on the face. It’s basically just a really nice massage for your facial muscles, which hello, feels amazing. Over the last year I’ve alternated with various rollers–partly because they technically do different things, and partly because they were sent to me so I might as well take advantage. Many people ask me if I could only choose one which would it be? And the truth is…now that I’ve played with them all I kind of feel like I need 3. They each do something different and it’s enough to justify owning 3. Rest assured, they aren’t all expensive. I will link them within this post so you can take a look.

Let’s start with the basics. I will break down the rollers I have, how I use them, and why I love them.

Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller. As I stated above, this was my first roller. It’s heavy duty and lined with tourmaline stones. It rolls smoothly and quietly into the grooves of your face giving you the sensation of contouring your cheekbones. The idea is to move in an upward motion to lift skin and promote elasticity. It comes with an instruction manual with all the different ways you can roll your face. I personally love to softly dig it into my cheekbone area to define them, roll my double chin like a windshield wiper, and all along my forehead. It temporarily energizes you, too.

Rose Quartz Roller. Herbivore sent me their rose quartz roller and the purpose of it is to promote inner beauty. In LA crystals are a serious thing, and while I haven’t gotten into supercharging them, I have not one issue with using this roller. I supercharge mine by leaving it in the fridge (not the moon) so it’s extra chilled. I love using this in the morning when my skin needs a little perk. It’s a much smaller, duel-sided roller that should be rolled in upward motions only to promote lymphatic drainage. This helps release toxins and promotes collagen, which is the secret to youthful looking skin.

Ice Roller. Just like it sounds, it’s frozen. There are different versions of ice rollers–metal, bead lined, plastic, etc. Personally I feel like they all work as long as they are freezing cold. Just like my obsession with cold eye patches, the cold sensation on your face is undeniable. You will look and feel less puffy, bloated, and red. It also helps with muscle soreness and headaches. I’ve even used mine on my swollen pregnant feed when all the fluids make them look like stuffed sausages.

Helpful Tips:

-Get yourself some antibacterial wipes to clean your rollers. Storing mine in the fridge and also in my makeup drawer is definitely bound to build dirt so make sure you don’t break yourself out by rolling with a dirty roller.

-Use your roller over chilled eye masks, too. It not only seal them better, the sensation feels great, AND your getting that extra circulation.

-Roll everyday. So many people ask “if it really works” and honestly, it’s all about consistency. It’s not going to permanently chisel or sculpt your face, but it will temporarily do so. So in my opinion and experience, the more you do it the better. I roll my face every morning with either the ice roller or chilled rose quartz roller to de-puff my face, and then I use the Nurse Jamie roller before makeup or throughout the day (I leave it on my desk or by my side table).

-Rose quartz versus Jade? Well, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure if there’s a difference. I also happen to have the amethyst roller but again, not really sure of the benefits. I’m sure if you asked the crystal people they would have a lengthy explanation of the difference but since I already have the rose quartz roller that’s what I’m sticking with. Pretty sure the WAY you use it makes more of a difference than what it’s actually made of so don’t overthink it.

-Don’t neglect your eyelids, brow bone, neck, or body. It’s our instinct to focus on certain parts of the face, but rolling is great for your entire body, too. AND, let’s not forget that our necks are just as crucial and in need of skincare as our faces. An aged neck is no bueno.

-Do not roll your face with makeup on. You’re not only contaminating your roller, but you’re spreading bacteria and dirt around your face. Do so on clean skin for best results.