Capri's 6 Month Update - Sivan

Capri's 6 Month Update

Someone please answer this: WHERE IS TIME GOING?!?!?!

I’m seriously floored that my baby is 6 months old. Like, HOW? Was it not just yesterday that we came home from the hospital and I was in complete baby bliss? It’s honestly mind-blowing how quickly time is flying and how much Capri changes every single day. Watching her grow and develop into a little human with a personality is by far the most rewarding feeling in the world. She is SUCH a happy baby–always smiling, such a trooper, and just chill.

I know you guys love seeing her on my Stories but that’s just the tiniest glimpse into what an incredible baby she is. I honestly wish I could record every moment of the day with her because there are so many sweet moments and my phone is only there to capture a small percent of them. Needless to say, I’m beyond obsessed with Capri and really did not ever think having a baby would bring me such immense happiness.


So, what’s been going on the last 6 months? Well, I’ll categorize everything as I always do to make it easier to follow. I am basically answering everything you guys ask me on IG so hopefully I don’t miss anything.


+ Capri is now starting to eat “solids.” As in pureed one-ingredient foods like banana, sweet potato, carrots, apple, broccoli, etc. Once she tries enough foods and we feel comfortable with blends, we will move onto 2-ingredient blends. She doesn’t currently love any foods that I can tell, but thankfully no bad reactions, either, so I will just keep trying.

+ I really tried to be ambitious and make baby food from scratch everyday but 1) Capri was not loving anything I was making, and 2) a lot of it was going to waste. Instead I have decided to use the delivery service Yumi for fresh food weekly. SO much better (& easier). Like who has the time, right?

+ I did purchase the Infinatino pouches so I could fill them myself with the Yumi. Capri likes to suck on the food more than using a spoon for now so I like to do a combo of feeding her through the pouch and by spoon. Either way, this fill-your-own-pouch system is genius.

+ She is still eating her regular 32 ounces per day of formula. My breast milk supply was depleted at her 5-month mark so the last month-ish has been all formula. I am happy to report she is doing very well on the Hipp formula (from Holland).

+ We have also started giving her a little water on hot days. We did a 2-hour hike the other day and we were all quenched so she sipped a little water. She’s not loving it yet but we give her a few sips a day.


+ So we never formally “sleep trained” her. She goes to bed at 7:00/7:30PM every night and sleeps until 6:30AM.

+ The way we have always put her to bed is: dim the lights, turn on sound machine (water), sleep sac, pacifier, Shusher. Most nights we just kiss her goodnight and leave the room. Sometimes she will have a needy week and need to be rocked a little before we set her down. Either way, her “long sleep” is always super easy.

+ We went through the 4 month sleep regression. It was not fun, as she has always been such a great sleeper and then all of a sudden THAT happened. She was waking up 2-3 times a night for about 3 weeks. The way we handled this: Paul & I alternated going into her room, giving her the pacifier, turning on Shusher, and leaving the room. WE NEVER PICK HER UP. There was one night (around 4AM) I went in and I smelled poop so I obviously had to change her. After the diaper change she would not let me put her back down so she slept in my arms as I sat in her room….that was fun. Thankfully that has not happened again.

+ Since she learned how to put the pacifier in her own mouth she does not wake up anymore. It is magical. However, the other night she threw the pacifier out of the crib and I had to get up. We now put a couple in the crib in case that happens so she can always find one.

+ Napping is still consistent. 3 naps per day (8AM, 12PMish, 4PM) that are anywhere from 1 – 2.5 hours long.

Moving Around

+ Capri very easily rolls around. She’s very quick about getting off her back when I set her down to play.

+ She’s making movements that show she wants to crawl but doesn’t quite have it down yet. I also think her onesies and playmat are a little too slippery together so I need to find a different way to work on this with her. She needs better grip.

+ Her sitting is getting pretty good, too. She still nosedives when she feels like is going to fall over but for the most part she can sit nicely when propped up.

+ We have a pretty good assortment of educational toys and she loves playing with anything that lights up, talks, moves, etc. Basically the more annoying the toy, the more she likes it. Of course…

+ She loves to put her feet in her mouth, which I find incredibly cute, and equally enjoys if you try to eat her feed LOL.


+ Capri is 50% in weight (16lbs) & 98% in height (28 inches)!!!

+ She has the sweetest little giggles and belly laughs…I die!

+ She has started being interested in reading books, playing with shapes, and scratching things (like the couch).

+ Bath-time might be her favorite activity. She is SO happy in the water I hope she loves the beach as much as we do.

+ She definitely has stranger danger and recognizes certain people (her grandmas, aunties, parents, etc.). It’s really cute to see her light up when she sees someone she knows.

+ The reaching has begun. She puts her arms out when she wants me to pick her up and while it’s SO sweet and cute, sometimes it’s not ideal for her to be in my arms and it gets difficult.

Life Together

+ Each day I feel more confident as a Mom. There was so much unknown in the beginning that Paul and I would low-key panic about things we didn’t 100% know the answers to. Now we have a nice rhythm with Capri and feel like we really know her. It makes taking care of her so much easier and enjoyable when you don’t have that constant fear that you’re doing something wrong.

+ Taking her out has also become a lot easier. We know how to map out the day if she’s coming–there have definitely been failed outings due to poor planning on our part. But I’m happy to report that she has joined us on multiple outings and events and it just gets easier the more we do it.

+ I had my first night away from her the night I was with Rachel Zoe and it was surprisingly not bad! I didn’t cry or get emotional. I knew I would only be missing her sleeping and I made sure to get home the following morning. Baby steps, you know?

+ Working has sort of gotten easier. I still have one ear on her at all times, even when someone is here to watch her. The only time I really can disconnect from her is when I leave the house. It’s definitely challenging because I want to spend all her awake time with her but at the same time I REALLY need to get work done, too. It’s definitely the hardest part of life so far but I am making it work. I’m probably creating more work for myself the way I’m going but it’s totally worth it to me. I won’t get this time back with her so if that means I have to work later or take longer to do something to spend more time with Capri then so be it!

+ Our first trip to Cabo was a success and now we are trying to decide if we want to take another small trip this summer or just fully do summer at home, complete with my damn Target egg chair and some other furniture that I will need if we don’t go on vacation. Honestly, there’s nothing like being home with your baby. The comforts of your home, your stuff, your routine is just so nice that even though a vacation would be nice, I miiiiiiight be okay skipping it this summer. We’ll see.

Do you guys have any other questions for me? I hope this doesn’t paint an unrealistic picture of what life is like with Capri. Because of course she has her moments of crying and crankiness, but overall I must say she is SUCH a happy & calm baby that nothing stands out to me about her more than her sweetness.