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The Guide to Taking Better Care of your jewelry

There are a few things in life that I’m psychotic about: the rosé I’m drinking, Capri’s sleep schedule, my nails, and taking care of my jewelry. (For the record, Paul would probably list 100 more things, but that’s what comes to mind personally.) I’ve written about my favorite rosés, Capri’s sleep, and my manicure order, but one thing I have yet to cover is how I care for my jewelry.

Honestly, I’ve become somewhat of a jewelry hoarder and I blame it on the layering trend. I can’t get enough! You guys seem to be the same as jewelry is always high on the list of topics in my DMs. I wrote this post about jewelry lines that I like, but today I wanted to cover how to actually care for the stuff that you’re buying.

+ Wash your daily shit weekly

I cannot stand a chipped nail or dirty rings so this explains my obsessive need to keep both looking 100. And though I might be psycho about it, I’m not high maintenance about what I wash my jewelry with. You don’t need to be either. I literally wash my rings (yes, diamonds included) with $5 dish soap and a toothbrush. Nothing bougey and it works like a charm. You can do the same with necklaces, bracelets, whatever. Just make sure the sink drain is shut!

+ Organize

Tangled necklaces are literally hell to me, so I don’t let that happen. At home, I use these $10 Amazon necklace boards to keep everything separated and they work really well. I actually find that once you drench them in necklaces, they look cute in a closet or on a dresser. I use the black ones, FYI. For rings and smaller or chunkier items, I like dainty dishes like this or this.

+ Take everything off while you sleep

If you’re serious about maintaining the quality of your jewelry, sleep naked when it comes to jewelry. Prongs in rings wear down over time when rubbed on sheets and necklaces / bracelets are more likely to tangle as you sleep. I keep a small dish like this next to my bed to toss in if I’m being extremely lazy and can’t make it to my jewelry organizer.

+ Travel correctly

In my twenties, I’d literally throw all my jewelry into a pouch and hope it was still intact when I unpacked. Obviously that wasn’t the case half of the time. Take the extra 5 minutes to pack / unpack correctly and it’ll extend the life of your pieces. I love this jewelry travel option.

P.S. I linked a bunch of my current items on rotation here.

Any tips to add to my guide?